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About Us

Antarnaad, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Inner voice’. We believe in listening to own heart.

Antarnaad is a brand name for providing Health and Wellness solutions to the society for more than a decade. With an initiative to serve mankind we started our journey in 2007 as a small clinic (Goyal Physio Services) in Central Delhi. As a new born baby slowly learns walk, similarly we too faced hardships in the initial times. With course of time and positive feedback from society we entered into corporate services with Posture and Ergonomics Programs. After achieving many milestones in the corporate, we expanded our services and renamed ourselves as ‘Antarnaad’ in 2015. With course of time, we received many Awards and Recognitions that motivates our expertise and gives quality services.

Covering more than 500 Corporate, Government Institutions and various Ministries of India, schools etc., we have been lucky to train more than 5 lac people including corporate employees and Residential population. We feel privilege to train more than 1,500 people from 32 countries. Our off site Retreat programs (Team building and specially designed programs for senior citizens) are well known among the society. We have a team of various experts from different area of knowledge that provides the quality in every domain of our programs.

We have various Psychological and Nutritional counselors to guide corporate employees and general public for various health issues. In modern stress related environment we also provide Zumba, Yoga and self defense workshops for all. During lockdown we conducted more than 100 webinars on health and wellness. Keeping in mind the importance of basic medical knowledge for all we have conducted first aid and CPR trainings at various places.

We are the renowned Physiotherapy service provider to the corporate employees and non corporate people on Cashless and Cash basis, having more than 300 expert physiotherapists of different specialties across the country serving around 4-5 million customers.


To serve Health and Wellness to the mankind to stay healthy, fit and stress free.


Striving to be the most easy, comprehensive and credible Health and Wellness service provider in India.