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Wellness Awareness

Stress Management: Today stress dominates every one’s life. It is hampering our physical, mental, behavioral as well as social life in different ways. To create awareness about stress, its causes and its management, we conduct ‘Stress Management workshops. The management training is highly specialized and designed differently according to the different population suffering from stress. Stress management is our specialty. We are appointed under Delhi Govt. for stress management program for Delhi Govt. employees too. The workshop varies from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days according to the need.

Nutrition Management: Diet and Nutrition are the great concern in today’s life style. A place where every type of food is easily available makes a difficult situation to deal with weight management and other disorders management like for heart disease or so on. A proper diet and nutrition counseling through our dedicated nutritionists helps a lot to deal with sedentary lifestyle and disorders management.

Spirituality and Stress: We believe in connecting the path of spirituality to manage the stress. Education and awareness through our spiritual leaders open the eyes on spirituality. One course for all, this course is independent of any religion.

Yoga Workshops: In today’s life style where anyone hardly gets the time for physical activities and exercises several diseases and disorders make home in our body. To get away from these problems, our yoga trainers educate the different ways of Yoga like Asana, Breathing exercises and meditations. A must for all corporate people, this workshop provides significant relief from not only from REPEATED STRESS INJURIES but many other ailments of the body.