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Personal Skills

Train The Trainer: A highly specialized course for corporate people and leaders who always wish to be in front of others. A 2 days workshop incorporates the leadership skills, management skills and speech with body language skills made many leaders through us. Feedback for everyone and the methods for improvisation make us unique in this field. The training is provided by trainers who are specially trained for conducting this type of workshops. A certificate is provided at the end for the trainees.

Presentation Skills: In today’s world everyone wants to be at high level in hierarchy. For this presentation skills are must. Field from sales or marketing to the field of computer engineering presentations is part of formal life. Presentation makes the way of education interesting and unique. To be proficient in giving presentations, we teach the correct ways of presentations. From making the PowerPoint slides to the body language, we teach the efficient patterns through giving feedback and correcting.

Speech and Lecture Skills: An effective speech always leaves a good impression on others. A speech or lecture with correct body language, voice modulation and content is essential component of everyday’s work. We educate the individuals about body language and voice modulation and help them grooming in terms of speeches and lectures.

Sales and Marketing Skills: In this competitive world, everyone wants to be in front of other, so the sales and marketing skills are mandatory. A must workshop for sales people related to insurance and other products, we educate them in correct client dealing through different measures like voice modulation, strategy management and scheduling.