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Immunity and good health is must for long survival of humans. Unfortunately in this ever changing competitive world, money has taken the center stage. People have started neglecting health in order to acquire more materialistic wealth. Earlier we use to say health is wealth but now people say wealth is health. This incorrect belief of wealth is health is realized by people when they fell sick and their hard earned money is spend in regaining health. Exercising daily not only keeps us fit but also motivates others (family members and colleagues) to join. People often ignore the mental fitness and think that fitness is limited only to physical wellbeing. Whereas our health is combination of both mental and physical wellbeing. Yoga/Zumba is done for both physical and mental body.


Yoga is a most required health program which is required for the employees in order to increase the productivity and quality. The knowledge of the correct posture in Asanas and meditation is must to perform the effective yoga. We have expert Yoga trainers to deliver the best. The program is of 60-90 min at once and can be provided to the corporate daily or as single event.

The rhythmical dance movements are new tradition to the corporate where employees rejuvenate in a new sense and atmosphere. We have expertise of delivering the quality in Zumba sessions. The program is of 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending upon the need. Antarnaad has conducted many events on Yoga and Zumba through well experienced trainers in corporate, hospitals, offices and in RWA. Through uniquely designed program structure according to the need, Antarnaad is always at front foot to help you. So, contact Antarnaad for Yoga and Zumba programs. For quotation and details of the program, please write to us at info@antarnaad.net or call us at +91 9899700187 or simply fill enquiry form.