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An emergency can be anywhere and with anyone. Not every job is dangerous, but each employer is accountable for the safety of their employees at the workplace. How much an individual aware about the emergencies and their management that is questionable. So, First Aid and CPR is a must program for every individual especially the corporate and offices where we commonly deal with emergencies.

The awareness provides safety and positive atmosphere at workplace. This also reduces the workplace accidents. In our First aid workshops, the training is provided by certified expert. With an experience of delivering more than 100 trainings on the same, Antarnaad has achieved many milestones in providing safety and positive atmosphere at workplace.


This program can be conducted for

  • Industries
  • Corporate
  • Schools
  • Other Professional workers.

The program can be designed according to the need in 1-3 hours, single day or two day or even longer. The program consists of health talk along with the live demonstration of the techniques with the help of mannequin to save life. The program is delivered along with the certificates of participation through certified professionals.

An individual approach is considered during program delivery to ensure everybody in the group has learnt and practiced the technique. SO contact Antarnaad for First Aid Trainings. For quotation and details of the program, please write to us at info@antarnaad.net or call us at +91 9899700187 or simply fill enquiry form.