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Pre Marital Counselling

Now-a-days Pre Marital counselling is an essential aspect of life that a couple cannot afford to ignore. Though Marriages are made in heaven but it’s a very heavy task for the couple involved. To reduce this stress and give a clear picture of their bright future corresponding help has been started by ANTARNAAD. It includes sessions by a psychologist, a nutritionist and a fitness expert.

Mental stress Counselling :

Pre-Marital Counselling is used to clear the doubts newlyweds or soon to be married, have. These sessions include individual as well as couple counselling. The confidentiality is assured.

Session 1- For the bride
This includes the basic insecurities about marriage and the roles the bride has to take in her new chapter of life.

Session 2- For the Groom
This includes the new roles and responsibilities a guy has to go through and understanding about the shared space and responsibilities as a couple.

Session 3- Couple counseling (part 1)
It mostly includes the 'knowing' part of each other's likes dislikes and perception towards life. This resolves compatibility issues.

Session 4- Couple Counseling (part 2)
This is the final session to incorporate the sense of belongingness for each other, characterize them as one, teach them tackling decision making styles and respecting each other.

Nutrition and fitness counselling :

The sessions includes
Weight management: BMI, Balanced diet, weight management (ideal body weight achievement and maintenance), Exercises and physical activities counselling.

Skin care: healthy, glowing skin naturally

Detoxification: removal of toxins from body through diet which makes the person feels lighter and energetic

Healthy snacking and lifestyle habits for future

Our team provides an overview of the beautiful bond the groom and the bride are about to embark upon. Let us tell you how? A mental and physical examination is done and a report is generated. According to this report the importance of sessions for the couple is explained. These sessions would be completely customized according to the needs of the clients. Confidentiality is taken as priority.

We would aim for a hassle free marriage: you just take care of enjoying it.