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Where there is a work, there are challenges. And challenges bring Stress. This stress often leads to illness. A Well-designed and well managed work is like a medicine to manage this stress. A person develops Work related stress when he is unable to cope with the demands being placed on him. Stress, including work related stress, can be a significant cause of illness and is known to be linked with high levels of change in physical and mental behavior like absenteeism, irritation and low self esteem.

Stress can hit anyone, anytime and at any level of the hierarchy. We have achieved standards in its Managerial approach to handle it in more efficient way. This approach helps everybody especially for those who have key role in promoting organizational profile and well-being to develop systems to prevent consequences of stress.


The essence of the stress management program is preventative and it adopts an experiential approach to learning. It emphasizes confidentiality within the group, flexibility within a well-established structure and the right of employees to participate at a level at which they are comfortable.

As we know that ‘A stress free mind boosts productivity and quality’. But the correct techniques to be stress free are far away from our mind. The tips which include the professional as well as personal perspectives are the unique feature of this program. This program covers all aspects of an employee– Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual to get stress free. The stress management programs are delivered by the Antarnaad experts like stress management counsellors and healers.

The duration of the program varies from 1.5 hours to complete day or even more depending upon the need.

From School to institutes, hospitals to corporate and general public, we have provided stress free environment everywhere showing better performances. So, contact Antarnaad for Stress Management programs. For quotation and details of the program, please write to us at info@antarnaad.net or call us at +91 9899700187 or simply fill enquiry form.