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Balanced diet is term which we have been listening to since childhood but even in adulthood we unfortunately ignore it. Proper nutrition is one of the major requirements of body but we still undermine it in our food intake.

People often think Balanced diet is necessary only for infants but they realize its importance once there is nutrition imbalance in body. Which leads to deteriorated health and heavy doctor bills. Healthy food is something which we cannot afford to ignore even in short run. Nutrition is one of the things which we usually ignore in the office time. We know that a sitting job is a sedentary lifestyle and to prevent the adverse consequences of it, we need to understand the value of nutrition too. A nutritional care is provided through many styles for a corporate. It can be making a complete menu for the employees, making individual diet charts or giving advises on food preparation. The special camps can be organized in the offices too in order to have better understanding of body composition of an employee and to relieve the ailments related to nutritional factor. The main content focuses on taking balance diet, good food type and water intake for a particular employee depending on his lifestyle and habits. Antarnaad has got high skills to conduct Nutrition awareness programs in corporate and non corporate sector through well experienced dietitians and nutritionists. Whether it’s just to make you aware or creating a Diet Menu each day, Antarnaad is setting milestones. So, contact Antarnaad for Nutrition programs. For quotation and details of the program, please write to us at info@antarnaad.net or call us at +91 9899700187 or simply fill enquiry form.