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As we are specialized in physiotherapy, we provide physiotherapy consultations and treatment for patients and general population under ‘Goyal’s Physio Services’. We have number of peer branches in Delhi and NCR. We assure the best quality treatment updated with recent researches and evidences. Treatment through manual therapy and specialized craniosacral therapy makes us unique from others. Other than exercise therapy, mechanical therapy through modern and specialized equipments and proper counseling about the disorders makes the patient confident and completely aware. We provide treatment for:

Orthopedic Disorders: We treat Joints and bones problems like arthritis, spinal pain, stiffness after fractures or immobilizations, post surgical rehabilitation (total/partial knee or total hip replacements), sports injuries, frozen shoulder, referral pain from neck and back, deformities, muscular dystrophies, osteoporosis and children developmental disorders and many more. We work through Myofacial release, Manipulations and exercise therapy with craniosacral therapy to treat these disorders.

Neurological Disorders: For neurological disorders like Parkinsonism, paralysis, muscle weakness, facial paralysis, multiple sclerosis, autism, cerebral palsy, delayed milestones, muscular dystrophies the physiotherapy is must to regain and maintain the activities of daily life. We provide quality treatment through Balance training, PNF, manual therapy, gait training and postural trainings.

Ante and Post Natal Phases: In today’s world where every woman is concern during different phases of pregnancy and post pregnancy relating to her health, we provide highly specialized trainings on pre-delivery and post delivery exercises. The training starts from the first trimester including education and counseling with exercises starting from second trimester. We teach how to manage the complications arises during pregnancy. Strengthening the pelvic floor and core along with legs, education about baby care including positioning, breast feeding and hygiene are our specialty. Training through our trained female staff provides comfort ability to the patients.

General Fitness: To maintain an active lifestyle and avoiding the sedentary lifestyle, we educate the individuals how to maintain General Fitness. A must workshop for corporate and office employees. General physical exercises, breathing exercises and nutrition counselling along with awareness on lifestyle disorders make us unique from others.