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Health Care

Posture & Ergonomics Training: In today’s sedentary lifestyle, everyone is prone to get work related injuries. From a computer engineer to heavy weight lifter, from a car driver to sports person, every individual encounters work related problems which hamper the health. We teach the individuals about posture correction during working hours and ways of modifications at workstation level. A proper assessment is done and modifications are advised according to the need. A proper exercise protocol is also provided based on the assessment. With this, a proper follow-up is done time to time.

Geriatric (old age) Health Awareness: To create awareness about health issues arising in elderly and educate them with ways to prevent or control them. We organize health education camps for general population in different clubs and other places. A session comprises the general discussion about Hypertension, Diabetes, mental disorders and other physical ailments.

Pediatric (Child) Health: To create awareness about child health and hygiene, we organize camps and workshops in different clubs and groups. Along with that we emphasize on ‘Delayed Milestones’ and neuro- ortho-developmental disorders of children.

Bones and Joints Care: We organize specialized camps to create awareness about osteoporosis and other related disorders of bones and joints like arthritis and joint deformities. We conduct free BMD or bone density camps for the individuals to detect the osteoporosis status in the bones and provide effective management accordingly.

Gait Training: A specialized training designed to detect and correct the abnormal walking patterns. The training is suitable for models, actors and stage performers. The training is also suitable for children and adults who have abnormal gait patterns. We detect them and educate the ways to correct them.