Are Your Feet Healthy?

Everyone wants to have beautiful feet but in today's hectic lifestyle people are constantly in a hurry and travelling here and there that they don't get the time to pamper their feet.
Our feet deserve more than what we give them. 
People have cracked heels, tanned feet making our feet look ugly. Can we do something for it? Yes, we can!
1. Standing for long time duration.
2. Walking barefoot or using footwear that doesn't cover the feet properly.
3. Hot water showers.
4. Using harsh soaps on skin.
5. Living in areas with low humidity and cold temperature.
1. Exfoliation: Soak feet in lukewarm water and then gently rub your cracked heels using a pumice stone or loofah. It exfoliates and removes the dead chapped skin from the heels.
2. Moisturization: Next step to heel care is to moisturize using a good quality moisturizer or heel cream after exfoliating. This helps by locking the moisture inside the heels and prevent them from drying and chapping.
3. Liquid bandages: These can used for treating cracked heels by spraying it so that forms a layer on the heels that prevents from further cracks and infections.
4. Home remedies: There are many other home remedies as well that can be used to treat cracked heels including honey, bananas, coconut oil, Shea butter etc.

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