Do you have Good Posture?

By definition, “posture is the position in which you hold your body while standing, sitting or lying down." A good posture is the one which puts least strain on the muscles and ligaments. Poor posture is the one that causes muscle tension leading to joint and muscle pain.

What does a poor posture look like?

you might have forward dropped shoulders, forward dropped neck, hump on the neck, knees bent inward or outward. Exercises can help you correct bad posture and maintain it.

Effects of poor posture:

1. Spine misalignment: Spine's normal S-shaped curvature is deformed due to excessive pressure on it. The spine can bend either sideways or in front. It can lead to deformities and other secondary complications.

2. Joint pain: Poor posture can put too much pressure on the joints leading to its degeneration and disruption.

3. Headache: Tension headaches can develop due to increased stress on the neck muscles, forward head posture or hunched shoulders.

4. Bad sleep: Poor posture does not let you relax your body at night causing it difficult to sleep with comfort.

5. Impaired digestion: Slouch sitting for longer time durations can compress internal organs leading to slow digestion and decreased metabolism.

Benefits of good posture:

1. Fewer headaches: Having a good posture reduces the chances of developing any tension headaches.

2. Good sleep: One is able to relax completely and sleep peacefully when body is in harmony and balance.

3. Improved metabolism: Metabolic rates tend to increase when one adapts a good posture. There is no excessive pressure on the internal organs.

4. Good joint health: Having a good posture can help promote joint health by reducing the stress on joint surfaces. Thus, reducing the risk of developing any joint problems in the future.

5. Look good: Having a good posture makes you look taller, slimmer and smarter. When you look good, you automatically feel more confident.

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