Do You Bite Lips?

Today anxiety has become a very common problem. The signs of anxiety vary from person to person. They can range from overthinking to nervous habits like nail and lip biting.

Today, our focus will on be anxious lip biting. We have already discussed about nail biting in earlier articles. These nervous habits become difficult to break when the reach a level where the person is not even aware that he or she is doing it.


There can be many reasons for lip biting broadly divided into two categories that is physical and related to other psychological conditions.

Following are the causes of lip biting:

1. Alignment of teeth: Malalignment of the teeth can lead to overcrowding of teeth leading to natural compression and thus biting of lips.

2. Disorders affecting chewing muscles: Disorders like TMD or temporomandibular disorder can affect chewing muscles and promote lip biting.

3. Other psychological conditions: Chronic lip biting can be the result of psychological problems like stress, anxiety and BFRB ( Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour). In such kind of disorders, the person keep damaging their skin, nails and hair.

BFRBs happen as a coping mechanism to avoid stressful conditions and prevent from painful stimulations.


The treatment of lip biting greatly differs with the cause of lip biting.

If the reason is physical like malalignment of teeth, it can be treated by realigning the teeth. But if the reason is psychological, psychotherapy and counseling might help.

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