Expectations and Stress

As people, we all have our dreams and desires. There are expectations everywhere—some of our own, and some that we have to meet. May it be our personal life or our professional life, there's always a bunch of expectations to both meet and to live up to. Managing our expectations is essential. We need to be realistic when it comes to what we can expect from ourselves and those around us. Over-expecting can create feelings of stress and anxiety. Additionally, on failing to meet these expectations, we're bound to feel sad and defeated. Thus, it is essential to learn to have realistic expectations. When we think carefully about what we need to do, it becomes easier to meet our goals. By setting realistic goals, we can achieve them timely and ensure we don't burn out either. The other side of this is that we also need to set realistic expectations from others. Too less and we may get used and devalued, too much, and we might overburden the other person. Again, setting realistic expectations from others is vital to ensure both efficiency and endurance. For example, in our relationships, we all have a certain level of expectation from our partners. We need to make sure that our expectations are reasonable and that we don't overburden the person. At the same time, there's a basic level of expectations to have as well, without which the relationship cannot work, as there would be no respect or care in the relationship. In addition to setting expectations, there's a lot of expectations we have to meet for others. May it be at work or in our personal lives, we're bound by a series of expectations. We need to make sure that we're able to perform the assigned tasks, as they're essential to achieving the various goals one has in life. We need to show discipline by managing our time well and ensuring we get what is expected of us completed.