Do You have Bunions?

A bunion is a bump formed at the outer aspect of big toe. It is also known as hallux valgus. It happens due to constant pressure on the big toe due to many reasons like ill-fitting footwear, long standing work profile, wearing high heels etc. It is more commonly seen in females as compared to males.
Bunions can be congenital and juvenile developed during adolescence.
The signs and symptoms include numbness and pain in big toe, inability to bend the big toe and difficulty in walking or wearing regular  footwear.
1. Footwear: Switch to a more ergonomic footwear to help your feet from bunions and many other problems.
2. Pads: Bunion pads can be used to ease pain by providing a cushioning over the affected area.
3. Massage: Massaging helps in breaking down the adhesions and improving the blood flow to that part.
4. Medications: NSAIDs and other pain killers can be used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
5. Ice packs: Cold fermentation using ice packs can help a lot in reducing pain and inflammation.
6. Surgery: If all of the above treatment fails to improve the pain and it becomes intolerable, bunionectomy can be done in which the bunion is removed surgically and the bones realigned.
If not treated properly, bunions can lead to severe bursitis ,osteoarthritis and development of bone spurs.

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